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5 Steps For Achieving Beautiful Skins Sans Makeup

No one can imagine stepping out without masking yourself with makeup. It is a quick fix and an instant upgrade to the beautiful, flawless and younger looking skin. There are women, who cannot imagine themselves without wearing makeup. But, do you know that one can really look beautiful and confident without that heavy makeup. According to many men, women look best without makeup or just enough makeup to liven the face without hiding it altogether.

And let’s not forget the fact that makeup can clog your pores and damage the skin with constant use. An interesting point about your lipstick is that most lipstick brands that are on the market right now still sell their lipsticks even when they know that the products contain Lead.

Just follow these steps and prep up your skin for looking naturally radiant and beautiful. Also, flawless and overly done make up makes your skin look too artificial, instead a bit of flaw here and there on your face but still a skin that is beautiful is much better and liked by all these days.

Steps for achieving beautiful skins sans makeup:

Step 1: Stay Hydrated

I know I will break the record by telling you once again, but please drink plenty of water. It is vital. Drinking water not only helps your skin alone, but your total system and mechanism of the body remain well with consuming plenty of water. Just make it a habit of drinking water in every 2 hours or so, if you cannot remember, put up an alarm in your cell phones, till you form a habit of it. It is that essential.

Stay Hydrated

Step 2: Sleep Well

Sleeping well and peacefully will give sufficient time for your body to revive and get ready for the next day. It will refresh your systems and prepare your body to carry out its functions efficiently. So, that is the reason why the good night’s sleep is also referred to as the ‘Beauty Sleep’ by many skin experts.

Sleep Well

Step 3: Eat Well

Eating well will always show on your skin. If you feel it was a week-full of fried, oily and junk foods go easy on choosing the right foods for yourself for the next few days. Detoxify yourself with eating raw, juicy and fresh vegetables and fruits. It will undoubtedly show up on your skin too!

Eat Well

Step 4: Cleanse, Tone Up & Moisturize

Cleanse-tone up-moisturize-use an anti-aging cream; sounds familiar and just so common. But, the fact of the matter is you still can’t run away from it and still look beautiful. So always involve yourself in this routine. If anti-aging skin care is not a part of your routine get one for you now.

Cleanse, Tone Up & Moisturize

Step 5: Use A Sunscreen

It is very important as 80% of the general skin related issues are a byproduct of exposing yourself to the Sun without any sun protection. Always wear the sunscreen, in rain and shine!

Use A Sunscreen

These were the five steps to achieving beautiful skins sans makeup.

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